I saw the doc today but actually it wasn’t our doctor. It was a sub as our doctor is still enjoying some Chinese New Year holidays. The new doc spoke English fabulously and I appreciated her willingness to take things slowly. Could be that we were the tenth of about 20 patients when there’s usually three times that many. Anyway, she says I’m at about 36 weeks. Now, I’ve guestimated that I’m due March 21st (oh, hey, that’s in about four weeks. Hmmmm 36+4=40!) but my regular doctor insists on April 7th. Then there was the other doc we saw once who said March 31st. I’m sure baby boy will arrive when he’s ready, but I’d love it if *I* was right!

So, in anticipation for the soon to come, I’ve been working on finishing up Jaylene’s baby picture scrapbook layouts. Here’s one I did that’s not my usual style, but I’ve been itching to do something funky.
Frogs R Fun