We saw a lot of temples on our trip. My favorite quote of Jaylene’s was, “No more temples!” Most of the temple stops were to please my mother-in-law who was journeying with us. However, a few of them were in order to find food, they’re like rest stops in that aspect. Interestingly enough, one of the first things Jaylene and Ahji did when they got back home was to go visit Kuandu Temple with family. I stayed home to rest, no more temples for me!

Jaylene has been working on a project for a couple of days now. She first called it her “Temple Scrapbook Page” but then I explained the term “collage” to her. She’s been busy punching out pagodas, layering papers, creating designs and adding glitter glue. Here’s a snapshot I took tonight (hence the poor lighting).

Creating a collage

There are some details in this shot that just make my heart sing. Her favorite stuffie, Triton disappeared a couple of weeks ago. She managed to survive but as soon as he popped up again he became her constant companion. She says she’s his big sister and that she’s the one who needs to take care of him, although she regularly hands him off to her parents to hold when she needs to be more active. She’s been wrapping him up warmly in blankets and talking about him constantly. It’s her way of preparing for the little brother who will soon appear. Tonight she was finding it difficult to do all the things she wanted to do, and yet still cuddle Triton who, “likes to be held”. So I made a makeshift sling for her. It was a great success and you can see her creating away, cuddling her baby. The fiber crown on her head is because she’s a princess.

Cuddling her baby“>