Look at what Ahji got me for Valentine’s day!

Piggy Heart tins

I’m using them to hold the tips for my tools (eyelet setter, slot punch, etc.). He also gave me a matching pencil bag which I can put the tins and the tool handles in. Boxes and bags… he knows the way to my heart!

I love how the tins are heart shaped and have pigs on them. A perfect way to tie in Valentine’s day with Chinese New Year, which is in two days! Welcome “Year of the Pig”.

You’ve probably figured out by now we love counting down to special days and I planned on making a reuseable countdown for Chinese New Year, but my printer is not co-operating and I still haven’t rewound that darn bobbin… maybe I’ll get to it later today or tomorrow. Time’s running out.

Before my printer went on the fritz, I was able to print off some of Lisa Vollrath’s generous Collage items and make some valentines. Of course they haven’t been mailed yet. I’m just getting ready for next year.

prison valentine
Hmmm, a prisoner of love? I thought love set you free… or something like that.

I made six of these. Each one has a different quote on the reverse side of the tag and a little clue to the tag’s quote in the embellishment on the front. I really need to learn how to use those distress inks properly. Any tips gladly appreciated.

Valentine Shrine
This one was also inspired by a Lisa idea, an ATC shrine. I really like the idea of ATCs that unfold.

Lisa says that if enough people spread the word about her countdown, she’ll do one for St. Patrick’s day. I’m doing my part….