Here’s a picture of the sweets Jaylene took to school. I had plans of handmade valentines, “That turned out pretty cool” (quoting the countdown book) instead of sugar rushes. I bought special supplies and we filled a bag dedicated to valentine stuff. It seemed every moment spent in the Art Room was working on valentine themed items. And for all that effort, Jaylene made three valentines. One for mommy, one for daddy and one for herself. Labor intensive, not much to look at, but joy filled indeed.

But what to do about the classmates? Thank goodness for lolipops! And I found a way to get that huge bag of flowery marshmellows out of the house and not into our tummies. A bit of deco tape on the top of the plastic bags, and voila! Instant valentines. The teachers each got a piece of chocolate cake that Jaylene and I baked in our new oven! Yay, I have an oven. It’s only big enough to hold an 8×13 pan, but it works.

I was also hoping to share pictures of our valentine garland but it’s not yet sewn together as my bobin ran out of thread and I can’t find the manual to figure out how to rethread a bobin. The manual is in Chinese so that little task takes a couple of hours as I don’t read Chinese and Ahji isn’t much help in translating crafty things.

I was planning on sharing a fun way to use up the scraps leftover from the paper garland to make more valentines. Unfortunately Jaylene never showed interest in progressing from step one, which was to tear the pieces into smaller pieces. The gluing part and cutting out more hearts didn’t appeal to her during our timeframe.

Looks like we’ve got a nice head start on next year’s projects!