A few years ago Jaylene was given some tights with hearts on them. As a child, I did not like to wear tights. My mom called them leotards, but I called them “Hang-tards”, because they always slipped down and hung around my ankles. I call them tights or leggings now, and sometimes I use Jaylene’s phrase: Long socks. Although now that she has some knee highs, she calls them “Really long socks.”


Well, unfortunately these ones are definitely too small to wear. I didn’t want to throw them away because Jaylene adores them the most out of all her “Really long socks”. As I was contemplating how to use them, I noticed that there are exactly 7 large hearts on each leg, with a total of 14 which is a perfect number for creating a countdown. Jaylene had so much fun with the Christmas countdown that I’d decided to make a Valentine’s day one as well.

Valentine's day countdown

Hmmm, pretty wonky if you ask me. I don’t think I should have used stretchy knit fabric on my second sewing project. At any rate, it’s done and hopefully it will inspire you to make a countdown of your own.

Heart ribbon and deco tape

On to the giveaway! Please leave a comment below with a link to another Valentine’s Day countdown. It can be either your own or one you found as eye candy on the internet. I’ll choose two winners Saturday my time and they’ll each receive a small goodie bag from me.