Sunday it was raining so we decided to visit the TamShui Maritime Museum in TamKang University. We’d tried going before but it was closed and we never got around to trying again. Jaylene recently took a fieldtrip there with her class and that inspired us to try once more. She was thrilled that she knew more about it than her parents and designated herself as the teacher and we were the students. Ahji managed to switch roles to the bus driver but was almost fired as we drove around campus, unable to locate the big boat shaped building that was our destination.


That’s obviously a postcard =) Once inside we walked around, checking out the many and various boat models. I appreciated that the explanations were in English as well as Chinese, but I admit I didn’t read very many placards. I was more interested in taking photos.






Teacher Jaylene had us bypass the first three floors and took us straight up to the top floor which was, unfortunately closed. It looked the most interesting with the opportunity to “steer a boat” and we’re making plans to find out when it’s open so we can go back. Here’s a picture from when she went there on her school trip.


There was a library of sorts and a projection room that was playing some sort of film (in Chinese) on the third floor. A limited amount of interactive centers were found on the other floors, and some were out of order, but Jaylene still had fun with what was available.

light map


And like all touristy destinations, there were custom stamps waiting for some pressure from us.


All in all, it was a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon and we’ll go back some other time. Admission is free, with an opportunity to donate. Free parking and it’s fairly close to the TamShui station.