I’m always on the hunt for good chocolate that’s easily accessible. Probably it’s a good thing for me that it’s hard to find. One thing I miss about Canada is the yummy chocolate bars from my childhood. Loved the bubblicious chocolatey goodness in the Aero bars. Every now and then a friend will send me some from home, I truly appreciate it! I do like the new flavors offered, especially the mint ones.

Well, when I saw this box of Aero goodness offered in Family Mart (a convenience store) the other day, I snapped it up. A bit pricey, and not too much in the way of chocolate inside, but the packaging was really eye catching.


When I got home, I realized that the flavor is Honeydew melon! Left a bit of an aftertaste so I won’t be shelling out my NT dollars on this particular treat again, but I’m keeping the box! Check out the cool little bubbly Aero dog cartoon.