What a weekend. We spent a lot of time at the hospital visiting a friend who had complications with her pregnancy. All’s well and she had a beautiful baby boy last night.

The traveling time involved meant we spent NO time in the art room! Unbelievable but true. We did whip up some gingerbread cookies at a friend’s house, but we had a dead battery in our camera which means no photos until she sends them over.

So, here is something Jaylene made in December:

Apple pin

She came home from school one day wanting to make a little something for her friend Apple. Usually on Friday she gives off a list of presents to make and we have the weekend to fufill the “orders”. However, this was a weeknight so I had to come up with something fast and fun.

We ended up using these jewelry pin backings I bought ages ago and Jaylene picked out some pretty beads. We used glitter glue in the glue gun and pressed in the beads. The apple one is for her friend Apple, and the flower one is for herself.

Tip: Make sure the pin is pointing the right way up before you add the glue!